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Lending Hands Homecare LLC serves clients in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties in North Carolina. At our company, we always go the extra mile for our clients to ensure their comfort, safety, and satisfaction. See what some of them have to say about our home care services!

What our customers are saying

I've been using Lending Han​ds Homecare for over a year. My caretaker is excellent. She has helped me with anything that I need to do. Lending Hands is a good Service.

- Mr. Bill

What our customers are saying

I've worked with Lending Hands Homecare for several years. They are excellent, honorable and dependable. I think anyone needing help would be lucky to have them be their care giver.

- Ms. Mary

What our customers are saying

I have used lending hands Homecare for about a year. I am well pleased with their service. They are easy to work with and my care giver provides great companionship. I feel like I can talk with her about anything. I believe anyone who desires to work with them will be well pleased.

- Mr. Withers

What our customers are saying

“I've been using Lending hands Homecare for the past year. Their Services are very good. They are always on time and thorough in their job. They also make sure everything is in it's place before they leave.”

- Mr. Gregory

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